Phenom Phoenix Multi Tool System

  1. The Phenom HUD was originally released in September of 2008, and it quickly became one of SL's most popular Combat HUD's. With each update, new tools and features were added that made the HUD both a powerful combat system and a useful multi-tool. Almost 10 years later, Phenom V4 is here!
  2. The Phenom Phoenix is a very efficient HUD, using only 11 scripts and 648KB, and an idle script time that can be as low as 0.01ms. It intelligently turns off scripts that are not needed to preserve resources. This makes the HUD perfect for keeping attached wherever you go, keeping it easily accessible for when you need it; Without having to try and hurriedly search your inventory and waiting for it to attach.
  3. The Phenom Phoenix has the most advanced follower system in SL. Many attacks can follow into SafeZones (No-rez, no-script, no-entry), and the visual attacks (IE: Attacks that do no push, or affect the target) can automatically recognize several animation offsets and adjust themselves accordingly.
  4. The Phenom Phoenix has the strongest MoveLock in SL. It is nearly impossible to break when coupled with RLV and the automatically rezzed 'MoveLock Buffer'.
  5. High tech object interceptors and block physical objects from hitting your avatar. They will aggressively push away incoming objects even before they have a chance to hit the deflector plates.
  6. The Phenomena bot allows you to have a remote presence in any sim that has rez and script permissions. Launch attacks from the bot, follow other people in the sim, hear their chat, and talk back to them. This can even be done when not logged into SL by using the ATNet website.
  7. Phenom Cloud will allow you to manage your Aozora Tech Friend/Foe, and Phenomena bot list without having to use a clunky HUD interface. It can even be accessed while not even logged into SL by going to this website.
  8. The HUD Gun allows for hours of fun by allowing you to fire various bullets directly from the HUD itself. Meaning you can be stealthily packing heat! The included bullets range from just generic physical bullets, to funny harmless ones, all the way up to a fully functional ICBM!
  9. Ready to buy? You can find it at these locations:
    1. Marketplace
    2. Mainstore

Unbreakable Followers

  • The Phenom's followers are almost impossible to break. They will automatically offset themselves to follow their target offworld and into SafeZone's.
  • The followers automatically scan their targets for known animation offsets and automatically adjust their positions so they always appear over their targets.
  • The attacks are smart enough to recognize when you opponent is trying to reflect them back onto you, and will avoid doing so.
  • Attacks can be remotely managed through the Phenom Cloud. This lets you see a detailed list of all attacks you have running, and you can selectively end them, or see what their status is.

Powerful Attacks

  • Orbits that break MoveLocks with ease. The push orbit automatically rezzes copies of itself if it detects that the target is resisting.
  • Traps will clamp down on the target and use a special 'capture' mode to re-capture moving/escaping targets.
  • GTFO: Aggressively pushes the target 200m away from you. Re-starts if they move within 20m of you.
  • Control: Allows you to control the movements of your target
  • Bring: Drags the target to your position.
  • Most attacks do not rely on push and are able to affect targets inside of SafeZone's (Must be rezzed outside of SafeZone).
  • Seize: Steal your targets camera and animation permissions. Bend their avatar to your will, or blind them.

Hilarious Attacks

  • Whether you want to pester a griefer, or prank your friends: The Phenom has many funny and harmless attacks (Harmless, but maybe not to their ego!).
  • Humping Noob: Humps the target from behind while using audio clips or cheesy pickup lines to make things awkward and creepy.
  • Stealth Sound: Plays a sound of your choice that is only audible to the target.
  • Walk Block: Blocks the avatar from walking forward. Only allows them to walk backwards!

Impenetrable defenses

  • Object interceptors block or disrupt physical objects that are on a collision course with you. Stops bullets, vehicles and physical griefer spam from hitting you.
  • Two types of object interceptors. Active will use sensors to track nearby physical objects and avatars that are aiming. Reacts faster and is more powerful, but can cause some script lag. Passive will setup an invisible detection net and only reacts once a physical object enters it. Works very efficiently, but does not protect as well.
  • Avatar interceptors prevent avatars from walking in to you. It can optionally ignore those in the same group as you, or in your HUD's friends list.
  • The avatar interceptors can optionally use an aggressive push to keep avatars further away from you.
  • NPV makes your avatar immovable by anything other than your keyboard inputs and HUD commands. Allows you to reflect attacks following you back on to their owner.
  • MoveLock prevents you from being pushed around while still maintaining the relatively natural movement that the NPV doesn't have.
  • Two Movelock modes are available: Passive, which only reacts if you're moved beyond the trigger range. This move is best used in everyday scenarios where you're unlikely to be griefed/attacked. Active mode constantly keeps your avatar locked in place, only your keyboard inputs will move your avatar. This mode offers the best protection, but movement is highly restricted. Another advantage to active mode is that you receive protection even when walking around. Passive mode will not detect if you're pushed while you're walking.
  • The NPV will report to you when people try to hit you. Even though they cannot affect you, it's still useful to know!
  • Use the NPV's ditch feature to cause some attacks that are following you to get returned to their owners inventories.


  • Move your avatar anywhere in the region regardless of teleport permissions and landing zones.
  • Fly faster and higher, run faster, and jump higher
  • Seamlessly integrates with the MoveLock
  • Automatically follow your friends around
  • Dash around the region with great speed and beautiful particle effects


  • Border Creator: Displays the borders of the parcels. Useful for when building where the ground is not visible.
  • Mass Send: Send specified messages and objects to a list of resident UUID's or names.
  • SkyBox: A resizable SkyBox with integrated security and texture changer.
  • Many more tools!

Phenomena Bot

  • Chat with residents near the bot in real-time from anywhere in SL, or even offline (Through the website/Phenom cloud).
  • Shows whose in the region.
  • Set the bot to follow anyone in the region
  • Remotely launch attacks on anyone in the region

Friend/Foe tracker

  • Add friends, foes or partners to your list. Each will have certain symbols next to their name on the Index (Scanner/radar)
  • Friends and partners will be excluded from certain defensive features like shields (Can be disabled if desired)
  • Receive notifications through the HUD when they go online or offline.
  • Optionally receive IM's when the person goes offline or online.

Customizable HUD

  • Change the button and text color
  • Change the background
  • Easily add your own tools, sounds, textures, attacks, and bots
  • The HUD and many components of the Phenom have Modify permissions