Welcome to the Aozora Tech Network (ATNet)

  1. Aozora Tech is the name of the business created by Ariu Arai in the Second Life Virtual World. Aozora Tech specializes in scripted gadgets. ATNet (Aozora Tech Network) is the website and front end used for some of the products. ATNet uses various technologies to integrate with Second Life.
  2. Aozora Tech was founded in 2008 as a gadgets business when Ariu Arai released the "Mach1" shielding system (Given the 'mach' name for how fast it intercepted incoming projectiles). Aozora Tech was brought much more popularity with the release of the Phenom combat system. Although combat in Second Life isn't as popular as it used to be these days, the Phenom HUD still holds its place as one of, if not the most powerful system in SL.