Aozora Tech Lust and Fertility System

  1. ATLust: Aozora Tech Lust, a new fertility and RP system created by Aozora Tech, for the purpose of adding more depth to role playing in Second Life.
  2. Give your role play more depth by adding real consequences such as pregnancy and optional STD's. ATLust is highly customizable so that it may be molded to your preferences. It allows for the creation of any type of species that you want, it's not just limited to pre-defined species.
  3. No need to purchase separate systems for male and females, one HUD can do both. In fact, unlike other systems, ATLust supports any type of gender; Just add which ever organs you want!
  4. If you would like more information before you buy, check out the ATLust Wiki!
  5. Ready to buy? You can find it at these locations:
    1. Marketplace (More expensive due to marketplace fees)
    2. Mainstore
    3. ARK Market
    4. Pregnancy Playground
    5. Just Poseball


  • Choose from pre-defined species, or make your own.
  • All species setup is done through an intuitive web interface. No need for complicated notecards or hard to understand dialog scripts.
  • Mix up to 100 different types of species into one. (IE: 50% fox, 50% wolf, etc.)
  • Enable the "Species Transformation" option and watch your species be influenced by your partner's after having sex.
  • Children will inherit their parent's species based on the mother's ratio (Default is 50%).
  • Species compatibility is accurately calculated based on species, class and family. Interspecies compatibility can be adjusted to the player's preference (0-100%).


  • Just like in SL, you can have various avatars and switch between them as you wish. ATLust allows the same.
  • Create an unlimited amount characters.
  • Characters will each have their own species, stats, children, etc. But inventory, SexP (In-game currency) and partners are player specific and will stay the same.
  • Characters can be transferred to other players.
  • Children can be turned into playable adult characters. Both mother and father have access to their children.
  • Characters can be edited at any time.


  • Female fertility cycles are tracked realistically, ova are released only during certain days and remain in the womb until their lifespan expires.
  • Female fertility can be customized, changing the cycle duration, gestation count, interspecies compatibility and pregnancy duration. The cycle duration can also be set to '0', in which ovulation only occurs from external stimuli (IE: Pheromones, potions, etc.).
  • Multi-father pregnancies are possible.
  • Oviposition allows any character to transfer pregnancies or unfertilized eggs into other characters; Creating surrogate pregnancies. The unfertilized eggs could be fertilized later on if that character has unprotected sex. (Oviposition can be disabled if you're not into those kind of things; Which prevents other players from ovipositing into your character.)
  • Males have realistic refactory periods.
  • You can add multiple wombs, and each can have their own settings.


  • Small, lightweight and easy to use.
  • Nearly all of the processing happens on the remote server, so the HUD uses only 3 scripts and has extremely low script time usage.
  • There are several HUD themes available, so you can change the HUD to better fit your tastes.
  • An on-screen tracker will highlight other ATLust players that are nearby. This makes it easier to see who has ATLust, and provides more information than just a list of names.
  • A custom menu system ensures that the HUD will not interfere with your sex bed's dialogs.
  • Plug-in support allows other creators to integrate with the ATLust HUD.


  • Gestation count and gestation duration can be customized to fit your preferences. (Minimum duration is 1 real day)
  • Females can choose between live birth and egg laying.
  • Females will receive periodic messages describing early symptoms of pregnancy (IE: "You seem to feel more tired recently"), even if not pregnant; To help simulate real-world scenarios.
  • Use pregnancy tests to determine if you're really pregnant. Or you can also wait for more clear signs of pregnancy.
  • Unknown fathers (Such as from having multiple partners, sperm bank, or broken condoms) can be determined through paternity tests.
  • If an ovipositor is available, the pregnancy can be transferred to another character.
  • Pregnancy Shape Changer add-on (Requires RLV and ability to edit and copy your shape).
  • Supports multiple pregnancies. This can be achieved through having multiple wombs, or being oviposited into.
  • When a pregnancy is finished, the children go into yours and the other parent's characters list. The children can be aged up to become playable adult characters.
  • Pregnancy Accelerators can be used to speed up a pregnancy, or the "Birth-o-matic" item can instantly finish a pregnancy.


  • Show off your achievements with ATLust by earning titles.
  • Titles will prepend your character's name (Can be turned off if desired). They will appear in most messages and other areas in which your character's name appears
  • Earning titles also rewards you with SexP (In game currency).


  • Your character will overtime develop desires, such as wanting to tease or have sex with other characters.
  • Satisfying these desires reward the player with SexP (In game currency).
  • Desires are useful for earning SexP, but can also help break the ice with others! ;)

SexPoints (SexP)

  • Gain SexP through various means, such as earning titles and satisfying desires.
  • SexP can be used to purchase in-game items to enhance your experience. Items such as birth control, character slots, condoms, and various potions to change your character's stats.
  • Items can also be transferred to other players, or sold to regain SexP.


  • Another type of consequence to deal with! STD's are spread through interacting with other characters that are infected.
  • STD's are an opt-in feature. Disabled by default.
  • Diseases cause various effects, such as lowered health (Health is a global modifier for all stats), never being able to climax... Or nothing at all!
  • Infections can be cured using medicine. Though some are incurable, fortunately those have little to no negative effects.
  • One must use STD tests to find infections, otherwise they could be unknowingly spreading the disease.

What else can ATLust it do?

  • If male, you can sell your sperm to the sperm bank. Females can purchase this and inseminate themselves with it. There is also a sperm bank for females to sell their eggs/ova! These can be purchased by everyone. This means infertile characters can buy these eggs and sperm and impregnate themselves!
  • Add custom role playing messages. Whenever you interact with your partner, the HUD will send a generic RP message (IE: "John Doe presses his warm lips against Jane Doe's"). These can be replaced with your own so you may create a more personalized RP experience.
  • API allows other products to interact with ATLust. More info
  • BARE Plugin allows for two ATLust users playing the BARE game to inseminate each other if they choose penetrative/sex punishments. No setup required, just attach the script to your avatar and have fun!
  • Access the web portal while logged off of SL to check your character(s).
  • Optional hover text attachment allows you to share your character info with others around you. Can be customized to show only the info you want shown. Works on a per character basis, so switching characters will automatically change the hover text options.
  • Integrates with the "It's Not Mine" system to add cum layers when partners climax in or on you.
  • Gender transformation: If enabled, your character'ss gender will slowly change to the opposite of the partners you interact with.
  • Species transformation: If enabled, your character's will gradually change to the species of whomever inseminates or impregnates you.
  • Pheromones: If enabled, your character will be susceptible to the pheromones that other character's emit, causing lust gain and triggering greater fertility (Males get a refactory period reduction, and female's will begin to ovulate if they do not have a regular fertility cycle set).
  • Attraction: A comprehensive attraction system allows you to set exactly what your character is attracted to. This will generate a simple -100% to 100% score which determines how attracted you are to others. This score determines how quickly your lust increases when around others. It can also be used to more easily find other characters using the P.E.N.I.S system (A system that let's you browse through a list of other player's characters to find partners).
  • Gender: ATLust doesn't use strict male/female genders. You can pick and choose which organs your character has and specify your own gender identity.
  • RP Mode: If you just want a simple "Cum inside" button, you could enable RP Mode with your partner. It skips all of arousal requirements and just immediately causes a climax.
  • P.E.N.I.S.: (Profile Exploring Networked Introductory System) A way to list your characters for others to look at and message you if they're interested. Uses an integrated messenger to preserve anonymity until you're ready to meet.
  • Breeding Grounds: Get stat boosts when on designated ATLust Breeding Grounds. Own a sex/breeding club? Get it listed here.
  • Cum Layers: ATlust works with the "It's Not Mine" and "Spunked" cum layer systems. When someone cums inside or on your character, it will be reflected using those systems.
  • Genitals: ATlust will (optionally) automatically control your Sensations vagina or ZAF Animesh penis. They will reflect your arousal status and climax when your character does.
  • Portal Sex: Afraid to leave the comfort of your home? Slip on a pair of portal panties, or open up a portal disc and have sex remotely! These even work while you're not logged into SL, so you can keep your ATLust character busy while you're busy IRL.
  • Cum Swapping: If a character with an inseminated organ interacts with another characters organ that is capable of being inseminated, there's a high chance some of the cum will be transferred (IE: Having cum in your mouth and then eating out someone's vagina).
  • Restrictions: With permission, you can restrict what other ATLust players can do! Similar to RLV, you can restrict them from having sex with others, prevent them from detaching the HUD, or force them to accept partner permissions from everyone.