Aozora Tech Click

  1. ATClick Aozora Tech Click: Make your avatar interactive to others, add clicky scripts to it! This allows others to click various parts of your body and perform interactions such as giving head pats, kissing your nose, spanking your butt, brush your tail; The possibilities are endless!
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  • An efficient, one script clickable that is programmed through an intuitive web interface.
  • Add clicker scripts to any part of your body, and set your own messages/actions for each part.
  • Each script can handle several sequences (Messages, animations, etc.), that can either be chosen randomly, or let the person who clicks choose.
  • The clicker script uses a unique caching system which allows it to download sequence data (Click actions) on demand, so that it may handle way more highly detailed sequences than what other clicker scripts are capable of (Due to memory limitations in scripts).


  • Sequences are just like gestures in SL, they have a sequence of actions that are performed in order.
  • A clicker is a group of sequences, in which the clicker script can be assigned.
  • People who click your clicker script can either be given a choice of which sequence to trigger, or if you set the option to do so, it will choose a random one. If only one sequence is created for the clicker, that one will be automatically triggered each time it is clicked.


  • Actions are the different types of things that sequences can do. These can be made in any combination. A maximum of 100 actions per sequence.
  • Chat: Says a messages in local chat, so everyone can read it. It can also be set to only be sent to the person who clicked with the "Private" option. Can also be set to say the message on hidden channels so that it can trigger functions in other scripts.
  • Sound: Plays a sound out loud so that everyone can hear it.
  • Link Message Sends a message to other scripts in the object. Useful for scripters who want ATClick to trigger functions in their own scripts.
  • Animation: Causes your avatar to play the specified animation (Must be in the objects inventory). Can also be set to stop the animation in case of animations that loop.
  • Counter: Causes the script to increment the specified counter.
  • Floating Text: Causes the script to create floating text over itself. Can be set to stay permanently, or disappear after a set amount of time.
  • Pause: Pauses the script for specified amount of time.
  • Move: Moves your avatar to the persons location who clicked you.
  • Particle: Causes the script to emit particle effects.


  • Counters, as the name suggests, count how many times you've been clicked.
  • Counters can be incremented independently, so you can have separate counts for different types of actions.
  • Counters are stored remotely, so they will never be lost, even if the script is reset, or the object deleted.
  • Counter data can be put into messages with placeholder tags; So you can share with others how many times you've been clicked. 3 different stats are available. Total clicks, unique clicks and clicks by the person who just clicked you.
  • Counter data is viewable through the web interface, so you can keep track of them. It also allows you to view the names of those who've clicked you (Only if the actions they triggered have counters assigned).


  • Some people like to spam click, which can annoy those around you. ATClick has various solution to that.
  • Chat actions have an optional "Private" option, which will only send the chat message to the person who clicked you.
  • Floating text can be used instead of chat, so that others can still see the message, but it will not show up in local chat.
  • Pause actions can be used to temporarily stop further clicks from being processed.
  • Click Throttling option can be used to stop processing clicks if more than 5 are done within 10 seconds; Will continue throttling until the clicking stops.
  • Chat/Sound suppression option will cause chat and sound actions to stop playing until the excessive clicking stops.
  • Suppress to private option will augment the Chat/Sound suppression option by playing the sounds and chat messages so only the person clicking sees them if they trigger the suppression limit.

Particle Creator

  • Create your own particle effects using a web-based particle creator.
  • No need to edit scripts or recompile/reset scripts with each change. Changes you make to the particle system are automatically applied to the in-world particle tester each time you change a setting.
  • Particle systems can also be manually added if you already have one you like. Just export the list to a JSON format and add it to the clicker.